Repairs & Maintenance

Often we forget our all-important roofs until we find leaks, discover ice damming and pooling water, or see visible damage. Whether your roof has suffered serious storm damage or just needs a little TLC, we are ready to help. We can also develop a personalized maintenance program to extend the life of your roof over time.



When we receive your call for help, we will act swiftly to assess your roof’s damage and condition, whether that be a simple fix or removal and replacement. We are qualified to do whatever repair is necessary, but we make a point of including you, our customer, in all decision-making every step of the way.


Roof Maintenance

In Northern Arizona, our roofs annually encounter a variety of harsh elements from the scorching sun to extreme cold and monsoon rains. To address these issues, we can schedule a personalized maintenance program for your building which will extend the life of your roof and control for damages, sparing you the unwelcome surprise of an expensive replacement. Our maintenance program is designed to catch small problems before they become large ones. This includes annual roof inspections as well as quarterly cleaning of gutters and drains among other things.


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