Residential Roofing

Our professional experience in residential roofing is extensive. We can replace your roof with green, sustainable materials; provide you with the benefits of a light-weight, long-lasting metal roof; protect your flat roof with innovative techniques, and enhance the beauty of your home with rich-colored shingles or tile.

Residential Roofing We Offer



Not every roofing job needs to stick to its original formula. We can install new energy-conserving, green products for you instead. For flat-roof systems, we take advantage of the newest materials made by the roofing industry. And while Jeremy is a fan of shake roofs, he may suggest fabricated-on-location metal roofing for a home in a snowy or fire-prone area.


New Roofing

Whether you’re a first-time builder, homeowner or a seasoned contractor, our goal is to exceed your expectations at every step. Our expertise covers a range of products such as pvc membrane, on-site fabricated metal, composition shingles, tile and rock roofing materials, making us well equipped to serve your needs. Each request for a free roofing quote is approached with 40+ years of on-the-job and product-usage experience.


Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is an ideal roofing material in the Sedona and Flagstaff area. It is light-weight, long-lasting and fire resistant. Easy to maintain, this material sheds rain, sleet, snow and hail, takes wind, withstands a walker’s weight and isn’t damaged by the sun. Custom built for your specific roof system, we provide a variety of on-site, custom-formed metal sheeting options through our high quality metal supplier.


Shingle Roofing

Shingles are now available in thick, rich colored, even simulated wood and shake materials of superb aesthetic appeal. Choose from the following options:

  • Traditional to architectural styles that offer a three-dimensional appearance including styles that simulate cedar wood shakes. (CertainTeed)
  • 3-D shake looks (GAF-Timberline “Lifetime” and “Speciality” lines)

Flat Roofing

Flat and low-slope roofs require special consideration due to their lack of pitch. Innovations in the roofing industry have led to better and longer lasting solutions for this architectural style, such as the following:

Single-ply low slope solutions:

  • IB Roof Systems – PVC membrane
  • True Seal Systems – PVC membrane

Roof Coatings:

  • Silicone Tropical Roof Systems
  • Silicone Mule Deer Roof Systems
  • Elastomeric Tropical Roof Systems
  • Elastomeric Mule Deer Roof Systems

Tile Roofing

Many homes in Northern Arizona are enhanced by the beauty of tile. We offer practical options that will maximize your home’s appeal, such as the following:

  • Beautiful weather-proof concrete roofing tiles from high-barrel Spanish, Mediterranean and Italian styles to coastal California wood shake looks, ideal for our Northern Arizona climate. (Eagle)
  • Sustainable concrete roof tiles that reabsorb up to 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and minimize heating and cooling costs through energy efficient installation techniques. (Monier)

Looking for a New Roof or Roof Repairs?